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The following practice materials [English as a Second Language] are listed by LEVEL from low to high.

------INTRODUCTION:----how I approach the provision of ELT materials

Reading & writing the letters of the alphabet

[Skip this section if your alphabet is similar to the English one]

Beginners to Elementary

Pre-intermediate and Intermediate

Higher Intermediate and Advanced

Speaking and listening: 28 popular discussion topics + relevant vocabulary

Grammar and vocabulary

Writing - external links

RSS webfeeds

1. -- Easy Access to the key parts of English language learning and teaching
2. -- Published resources for English language learning and teaching (Ted Power's recommendations): This feed is intended for learners/teachers/Directors of Studies wishing to review or select books/CDs/CD-ROMs on English language learning and teaching including areas such as teacher training, pronunciation, listening to spoken English, oral fluency, grammar, vocabulary, reading and writing (including handwriting & basic literacy).
3. -- English pronunciation for L1s: Arabic, Chinese, Croatian, Dutch, Farsi, Finnish, French, German, Greek or Hungarian
4. -- English pronunciation for L1s: Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Taiwanese, Thai or Turkish
5. -- Higher Intermediate vocabulary and discussion - topics 1 to 10: 1. Alternative Beliefs 2. Animal Welfare 3. The Arts 4. Crime and Punishment 5. Cultural Differences 6. Economics 7. Education 8. Environment 9. Fashion 10. Food
6. -- Higher Intermediate vocabulary and discussion - topics 11 to 20: 11. Health 12. Holidays 13. Language Learning 14. Male and Female Roles 15. Marriage 16. The Media 17. Political Systems 18. Religion 19. Rich and Poor World 20. Science & Technology
7. -- Higher Intermediate vocabulary and discussion - topics 21 to 28: 21. Society 22. Sport 23. Traditions 24. Transport 25. Travel 26. Violence 27. Work 28. Youth & Old Age

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